Zojirushi NW-VH10-TA IH Rice Cooker Brown

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Description:“Gonetsu IH” continues cooking over high heat to bring out the flavor.
You don't have to worry about boiling over, and even after boiling, you can continue cooking with the high heat of IH without turning off the heat. The rice is cooked to bring out the flavor and become fluffy to the core.
''3 courses of cooked white rice'' with a choice of cooking method
You can choose from normal, soft, and hard cooking methods to suit your family's preferences.
"Barley rice menu" that is easy to eat and delicious to cook
There are special menus for ''Mochi Mugi'' and ''Oshimugi,'' which are very popular among health-conscious people, and are cooked to make them fluffy and chewy while making the most of the flavor of the barley.
Heat retention options available. ''Utsuya thermal insulation'' and ''high thermal insulation'' that can keep you deliciously warm for 30 hours
A sensor at the bottom controls the temperature to the optimum level of heat for keeping you warm. It suppresses moisture evaporation and keeps deliciously warm for up to 30 hours.
*Depending on the menu. Please check the instruction manual
Cleaning function is useful when you are concerned about odors, such as after cooking rice.
If you are concerned about the odor left in the inner pot after cooking rice, use the cleaning function to suppress the odor left behind. After that, you just need to take care of it as usual.
We also have a ``high heat retention'' menu that is recommended for those who want to eat warm rice.
“Aged rice (white rice)” brings out the deliciousness of rice
Rice becomes more delicious by absorbing water thoroughly before cooking. Aged rice is soaked in water for a long time to thoroughly absorb water to the core. The water that reaches the core of the rice promotes gelatinization from the core of the rice, making it fluffy and delicious. Aged cooked white rice has approximately 2.3 times the amount of eluted reducing sugar, which is one of the sweet ingredients in rice.
"Bread (fermentation/baking)" menu where you can enjoy homemade bread from fermentation to baking
This menu allows you to choose between fermentation and baking. You can make round bread and melon bread.
"Cake menu'' that is fluffy and delicious
Just add the ingredients and press the key. The microcomputer precisely controls the temperature, so you can bake fluffy cakes without burning.
Comes with a “standing rice scoop”
It comes with a standing rice scoop so you don't have to worry about where to put it.


Main materials:Metal

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