Unicharm Japan 1/2 super water-saving cotton pad (40 pieces)

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Description:sponge tailoring
Amazingly moisturizing with 1/2 lotion *
*Compared to our conventional product
puck putting

Cotton skin care makes such a difference in moisture!
Adopts a ``Uruuru'' sponge material: Since it sends out the lotion that it contains to your skin without leaving any residue, you can get an amazing amount of moisture from the puff even with 1/2 of the usual lotion, and create a *patting pack.
Contains moisturizing ingredients that make your skin feel good: The material is soft and smooth like never before, so you can care for it with ease.
*Natural cotton is not used.


Use Method:Apply plenty of lotion and hold it like this.
Gently and rhythmically pat and blend by lifting from bottom to top.
A lot of lotion comes out!
You can also use it as a pack by peeling it off and separating it into two parts.

・Please do not use it for anything other than cosmetic purposes.
・If it does not suit your skin, please stop using it.
[Storage Precautions] - After opening, please close the lid and store cleanly to prevent dust and dirt from entering.
・Please avoid storing in direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity.

Main materials:pulp, rayon

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