SHISEIDO Japan PREPARE For Eyebrow Shaving 3 pack

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Categories: Health & Beauty
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Product Category:Eyebrow Shaving *3

Country of manufacture: Japan

The "Prepair Eyebrow Shaver 3-pack" is a shaver for eyebrow and pubic hair with a droplet-shaped cross-section handle that fits the hand. It comes with a safety guard to prevent scratches and deep shaving and is gentle to the skin. The shaver is platinum-coated for long-lasting sharpness and rust resistance.

Usage method:
Preparation before shaving
Spread emulsion or soap around eyebrows.
When shaving
Gently shave in the direction of the arrow in the illustration, following the flow of hairs. When shaving the soft area above the eyes, flatten the area by pulling on the skin to make it easier to shave.
After shaving
Apply lotion, milky lotion, cream, etc. to moisten and condition the skin.

This razor is designed for facial shaving.
Do not use this razor if you have scars or sores on your skin or if your skin is in bad condition.
Do not use this razor if you have scars or sores, or if your skin is in a bad condition.
If your hands are covered with foam or other contaminants, they may slip, so wash them off thoroughly before use.
Please be careful when removing the cap to avoid cutting your hand.
To protect the tip of the blade, please be careful not to let the tip of the blade hit the cap when inserting or removing it.
After use, rinse well, drain off the water, put on the cap, and store in a dry place.
In this case, in order to prolong the sharpness of the blade, please do not wipe the tip of the blade.
Do not drop or give strong impact to the blade.
Doing so may cause the blade to spill and damage the skin.
If you drop it, please use a new one.
Keep out of reach of children.

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