S.T. Japan Shoe Cleaning Foam 240mL

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It is a foam spray type that easily reaches the back of the shoe. Removes dirt and odors.
● By drying in a bright place, the light bleaching component is activated and decomposes even persistent dirt. (It is also effective in indoor light and shade drying.) )
Sterilization plus! Removes and cleans disturbing germs. (Not all bacteria are sterilized.) )
It is a refreshing sunshine apple scent.

Use Method:
Remove dirt in advance.
● If you are worried about fading, try it in an inconspicuous place before using.
Set the injection port to [▼].
* Be sure to use "×" when storing.

(1) Soak the shoes thoroughly in cold or lukewarm water and spray them directly.
(2) Wash with a brush.
(3) Rinse well with water.
* When refilling, be sure to use "Ohisama no Washiku Kutsu Cleaner Refill".

<How to refill the bottle>
* Be careful not to hold the pack too strongly, as the liquid may pop out.

(1) How to open the opening 
 Hold it as shown in the figure and cut it along the "I can cut it by hand" (cut by hand). When cutting with scissors, cut along the dotted line.
(2) How to do it 
 Insert the opening into the mouth of the bottle and gently stir it.
Be sure to refill the bottle of [Ohisama's Washable Cleaner].
● Do not mix with other products.

Be sure to read "Instructions for Use" and "Precautions for Use" before use.

● Keep out of reach of young children.
● For rough people, use cooking gloves.
● Wash hands well with water after use.
● Do not leave undiluted solution on it.
● Avoid direct sunlight and do not place in places with high temperatures.
● Do not spray with the injection port set to "×".
● Do not spray upside down.
● Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.

Surfactants (3.9% alkyl betaines), recontamination inhibitors, stabilizers, chelating agents, light bleaches, disinfectants

Service Life:
Estimated amount of < used> 8~10 sprays per pair of shoes (main body: about 30 pairs, refill: about 25 pairs)

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