S.T. Japan Mushuda Moth Repeller Mildew Remover for 1 year Drawer Storage Bin 24pcs

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● Protects important clothing from insects for about 1 year.
● Contains anti-mold agent to suppress mold growth and protect clothes from mold.
● Makes it difficult to keep ticks at bay in the storage space.
* This effect is not for ticks and house mites.
-You can see the replacement time, with a decoy sign.
- Since there is no smell on the clothes, you can take it out and wear it immediately.

Use Method:
<Before storing clothes>
* It may cause insect damage and mold, so please check the following.
● Please remove dirt from clothes properly.
● Dry clothes thoroughly.
-Remove the cleaning cover and store it.
● Take it out of the bag and place it on the clothes in the drawer or costume case, with the window of the decoy sign up.

【Storage Method】
Store sealed in a place where the temperature is low and out of direct sunlight.

[Standard usage]
Drawers and costume cases
【Advice on changing clothes】
● Insect repellent is effective when placed on clothing.
● Dirty clothing may cause insect damage and mold growth. Thoroughly remove dirt and store it.
● When storing clothes, use this item and a dehumidifier (dry pet) together to protect your important clothes with insect repellent, anti-force, and dehumidification effects.

【Decoy sign】
If you see the white word "End" on the window of the decoy sign, please replace it with a new mushuda.

● Observe the amount of use indicated on the package.
● Use in a sealed storage container.
● When changing clothes, ventilate the room.
● Keep out of reach of young children.
● This item cannot be eaten. If you eat it, consult a doctor.
● In order to prevent accidental ingestion, keep this package during use.
●Validity: Approximately 1 year after start of use
 * It may not be constant due to temperature, storage container, usage conditions, etc. (For safe use, please replace every 1 year regardless of the "End" indication.) )
● After use, dispose of in accordance with local garbage disposal regulations.
● Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
(The anti-strength effect is only effective when used in the application of insect repellents in seni products.) )

Ingredient:Empenthrin (insect repellent ingredient), isothiazoline fungicide

Service Life:Approximately 1 year after start of use
* It may not be constant due to temperature, storage container, usage conditions, etc.

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