S.T. Japan Deodorant for Refrigerator Refrigeration 140g Usable for 6 Months

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● Strong deodorization with our original jelly-like charcoal (reinforced binchotan charcoal + activated carbon).
● Also effective for kimchi odor and garlic smell!
Effective for raw smell!
When the jelly-like charcoal becomes smaller, it is replaced.

Use Method:
(1) Peel off the top of the film along the perforation.
(2) Remove the cap and remove the aluminum seal.
(3) Remove the seal from the cap and set it back up.

【Indications for use】
For medium and large refrigerators (up to 450L)

【Exchange time】
When the jelly-like charcoal decreases and becomes smaller, it is time to replace it.
* The contents may appear white.
Follow the precautions for use and store your clothes in a safe place.
* When this product and a dehumidifier (dry pet) are used together, it protects important clothing with insect repellent, anti-force, and dehumidification effects.

【Advice on changing clothes】
● Dirty clothing may cause insect damage and mold growth. Thoroughly remove dirt and store it.
● When storing clothes, use this item and a dehumidifier (dry pet) together to protect your important clothes with insect repellent, anti-force, and dehumidification effects.

【Decoy sign】
Please replace it when the word "End" clearly appears on the window under the product logo.

● This item cannot be eaten.
● Keep out of reach of young children.
● Do not place in direct sunlight or places with high temperatures.
● Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
● Do not use in the freezer compartment.
● Condensation water may accumulate when opening, but there is no problem in use.

Binchotan charcoal, activated carbon, mineral antibacterial agent, organic acid, organic acid salt

Service Life:Standard 4~6 months (depending on the storage environment)
Quenching type: 2~3 months
The validity period may be shorter in the following environments:
● When exposed to wind such as cold air outlets
● When the temperature inside the cabinet is high, such as in summer when there are many openings and closings.
● When used in a refrigerator with a small capacity

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