S.T. Japan Car Deodorizing Charcoal 200g

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● Strongly deodorizes the odor inside the car. (Binchotan charcoal + activated carbon)
● Effective for cigarette odor, air conditioner odor, sweat odor, fried food odor, etc.!
● Since the jelly-like charcoal becomes smaller, you can clearly see the replacement time.

Use Method:
How to use
(1) Along the perforation, cut off the top lid of the box.
(2) Remove the container from the box and remove all aluminum seals.
(3) Put the container back in the box.
* Be sure to install it under the seat other than the driver's seat.
* When sliding and moving, attach the included double-sided tape to the bottom of the box and fix it.
* There may be water droplets on the inside of the container before use, but there is no problem with the quality.
* Please replace the jelly when it becomes smaller.

Be sure to install it under the sea side other than the driver's seat. The driver's seat may interfere with pedal operation.
Depending on the car model, this product may not fit under the sea shell.
Be sure to attach it to a horizontal surface according to the displayed usage method.
● If there is an air blower or equipment under the table, be careful not to block it with this item.
In the unlikely event that the contents spill, if they stick to the seaside, resin, or painted part, they may cause stains and cracks, so wipe them off immediately with a cloth.
● Avoid re-attaching double-sided tape as it will lead to a decrease in adhesive strength.
● Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.

【Warning, General Caution】
● Inedible: Never eat because it is harmful to the human body.
● Be careful if you have weak skin as you may get a rash.
● Keep out of reach of young children.G28

Ingredient:Activated carbon, binchotan carbon, inorganic deodorizer

Service Life:Period of use / number of uses
Usually 1~2 months (depending on the season and usage conditions)

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