S.T. Japan Automatic Deodorizing Aroma Spray Machine Main Unit 39ml (3 scent avilable)

scent: floral fragrance

floral fragrance
pure floral
Finnish leaf

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Every time the time comes, it will begin to deodorize and keep your space fresh.
When the room darkens, the sensor reacts and automatically reduces the number of sprays to save energy.
* after one spray, the sensor will stop spraying for about 15 minutes.
You can spray at any time, for example, before the guest arrives.
You can adjust the spray interval to level 3 according to your favorite fragrance intensity.
All deodorization capabilities can be used automatically and quickly.
Purple sweet flower and fruit aroma: supervised by Japan Flavor Research Institute.
Elegant fragrance of powder: pure fragrance of flowers: refreshing and exhilarating fragrance of flowers, lasting.
Green summer forest: Finnish leaves, long-lasting floral green fragrance, make people want to take a deep breath of Nordic nature.

Capacity: 39ml.
Wide 7.6x deep 7.6x high 17.4.

Use Method:
[how to use].
Open the host cover and install the battery.
Set up spray cans.
Close the lid of the body.
* be careful not to pinch your fingers.
Set the fragrance adjustment switch at the bottom of the host to the setting you want.
Place it on a solid, flat surface.
When using this product, it should be at least 5 centimeters away from the wall and there are no obstacles within 50 centimeters from the top of the mainframe.
It may change color or damage walls, etc.
There is a "safety switch" at the bottom of the mainframe to prevent operation when falling.
Therefore, install the host on a strong, flat surface.
Tap the "button" in front of the host once (about one second).
After the action light flashes orange for a few seconds, it will spray once.
Then spray at set intervals.
[duration of use / number of times].
Light sensor [off].
(operation details).
Spray evenly at specified intervals.
Set interval: duration.
About 15 minutes: about 15 days, about 30 minutes: about 30 days, about 60 minutes: about 60 days.
(operating light status) flashing green (5 to 12 seconds interval).
Light sensor [on].
(operation details).
When it feels dark, it enters energy-saving mode (the spraying interval is twice the set interval).
The duration varies according to season, installation site, environment, and duration of light and shade.
(operating light status) Orange / green flashing (5 to 12 seconds interval).
[optical sensor switching method].
Press and hold "one button" for more than 3 seconds to switch "light sensor" between "on" and "off".

Keep your face away from the nozzle.
Please pay attention to the pranks of children or pets.
If you accidentally touch your eyes or skin, rinse with clean water immediately and consult your doctor.
Do not insert or clog the nozzle.
Do not make this machine subject to impact, disassembly, repair or modification.
-do not touch the safety switch, otherwise it may cause failure.
Do not use it for other purposes.
Please remove the battery when it is not in use for a long time.
Please read the instructions of the mainframe carefully before using it.
The deodorization ability is automatic and unique.
Cannot be used with other products.
Do not discard this package, please put it in an easy-to-read place.
[pay attention to fire prevention and high temperature].
This product is combustible with high pressure gas and is dangerous, so please take the following precautions.
1.Do not use near open fire or fire source.
2.Do not use a lot of it in the room with open fire.
3.Do not place the product in a place where the temperature is more than 40 degrees, such as direct sunlight or near the source of fire, otherwise the product will be exposed to high temperature and risk of explosion.
4.Do not throw it into the fire.
5.Throw it away after you use it.
* discarded according to local regulations after use.
Keep your face away from the nozzle.
Do not place it in unstable places such as carpets or mats.

Main materials: spices, ethanol

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floral fragrance, pure floral, Finnish leaf


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