P&G Japan Bold Gel Ball 4D Refill Hyper Jumbo Size (3 scent avilable)

scent: Gorgeous Premium Blossom Scent

Gorgeous Premium Blossom Scent
Refreshing Fresh Flower Scent
Vendor & Floral Garden Scent

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Category: Laundry.

Prevent wrinkles caused by strong washing.
Easy ironing!
Soft texture and long-lasting fragrance.
Deodorize and rinse once on OK!
Very suitable for mass washing.
* compared with other Procter & Gamble gel ball detergents, cotton materials, average laundry capacity.

Capacity: 270 mm high x 210 mm wide x 90 mm deep.

Use Method:
For best results, use it in the following ways.
1.Put it in the laundry bucket.
2.Put the clothes in later.
3.Start washing.
Pour it into the bottom of the sink.
As a result, the external detergent film is effectively dissolved in water.
[estimated usage].
Washing machine display / washing quantity (amount of washing): usage.
30L-65L (2kg-6kg): 1 tablet.
When more than 65L (above 6kg) want to further enjoy the fragrance: 2 tablets.
[laundry advice].
Please check the maintenance instructions on the clothes before washing.
Do not use it on clothes marked as wool or delicate clothes.
It is recommended to use fluorescent-free detergents to clean brightly colored or light-colored items, or clothes marked "use non-fluorescent detergents".
It can be rinsed once.
Be sure to fill the main container before use.
The capacity of this product is 3.3 times that of the host (11).
1.Do not touch with wet hands.
2.To avoid damaging the product, please place the product under the bag and cut along the "Please cut here" line.
Be careful with the incision.
Be sure to put proper amount into the main container and close the lid.
Do not plug the lid too tightly so that it will be difficult to close.
4.After replenishing, be sure to seal the bag and store it.

It's not food.
-keep it out of reach of children and pets.
Do not put it into your mouth or swallow.
Please pay attention to the position so as to prevent dementia patients from eating by mistake.
Do not use it for any other purpose.
Pre-washing or hand washing is not recommended.
Do not press hard or touch the product for a long time.
If the product is torn and the original liquid gets on the washing machine cover, please wipe it off with water immediately.
Do not use this container for other purposes.
First aid.
If taken by mistake, please do not induce vomiting, please drink water and see a doctor.
If you enter your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water immediately, do not rub, and consult your doctor.
If the product remains on the skin or clothing, wash the skin thoroughly with water, then soak the clothes in warm water for a period of time before scrubbing.
Storage method.
Be sure to cover the container tightly after use.
-in addition, avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight during storage and use as soon as possible.
Please store it in this main container.

Main materials: surfactants (68%: linear alkylbenzene sulfonates, alkyl ether sulfates, pure soaps (fatty acids), polyoxyethylene alkyl ethers), stabilizers (propylene glycol), spices, dispersants, metal chelating agents, enzymes, softening ingredients, fluorescent brighteners

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Gorgeous Premium Blossom Scent, Refreshing Fresh Flower Scent, Vendor & Floral Garden Scent


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