Lion Japan Clothes Drying Fragrance Paper, Soft, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-static, Washer/Dryer Dual Use, 25 pieces

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●Sheet-like fabric softener that can be used in dryers, drum-type washing machines, etc.
Just pop one piece into the dryer. As the temperature of the dryer increases, the ingredients contained in the sheet are evenly spread over the fabric. Not only does it prevent static electricity when you wear it, but it also prevents static electricity when you take laundry out of the dryer. *For hot air drying only. It cannot be used in a drying process using only air blowing.
●Prevents wrinkles in laundry and makes ironing easier
The softening ingredients also loosen the wrinkles that form during dehydration, making the finished product less wrinkled and easier to iron.
●Prevents damage to the fibers and prevents pilling and fluffing after drying.
The softening ingredients make laundry slippery in the dryer, reduce friction and tangles, and prevent pilling, fluff, and fiber damage.
●It has a scent that feels like it has been dried under sunlight.

Capacity: 25 Sheets

Use Method:
▼When using in the dryer
1. Put the sheet in with the laundry and run the dryer.
2. After drying, please throw away the used sheet.
(Cannot be reused)

▼ When using in a washer/dryer
1. Temporarily stop operation after dehydration is complete.
2. Loosen the laundry before adding this product.
3. Dry with warm air (30 minutes or more is recommended).
*Please note: Finish drying laundry that has not been completely dried by hanging it outside to dry may not be as effective and may cause stains.
Estimated usage amount: 3 kg of laundry per sheet (dry weight)
*3 kg of laundry is approximately 30 pieces of underwear and 40 pieces of towels.

・Do not use for any other purpose.
・Keep out of reach of infants.
・Be careful where you place it to prevent people with dementia from accidentally ingesting it.

Main materials:Cationic surfactant

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