KOKUBO Japan Rotary Slicer Vegetable and Fruit Slicer

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Origin: Japan

Main material: Abs resin

How to use:
(1) Turn the tip of the spiral toward the center of the vegetable and then insert it into the root.
※ Suitable for vegetables from 3 to 10cm in diameter.
Cut the tip of the vegetable to make it easier to stab.
(2) Grab the handle and turn it slowly clockwise. Be careful not to touch the hand holding the vegetable.
When using long, thin vegetables such as cucumbers, it is recommended to use straight vegetables that do not bend.

Note: Temperature: -20 to 80 degrees

Please note:
* May be difficult to cut depending on cooking ingredients, such as large diameter vegetables and hard vegetables.
Please note: · When using by young children, please use it safely under the guidance of the guardian and do not leave the side.
If it gets into your eyes, rinse immediately. * Do not place near fire or high temperature. This may cause the product to soften or deform.
But that's okay. · If you brush your teeth with a cleaning brush or powder, it may scratch.
Please note: * Do not use in the dishwasher/dryer.
Please note: * Do not use for any purpose other than its intended purpose.
Please be careful when handling. · There are pointed parts.
If damaged, stop using immediately.

· When you want to decorate vegetables.
· When making Tornado potatoes.
· Used to decorate salads, dishes and bento.
· For family cooking.
· For cooking.
If you don't like vegetables, you want them to enjoy the curly shape.

Cut the vegetables into spirals.
Place the spiral into the vegetable and cut easily by turning the handle with one hand.
Cucumber, potato, sweet potato, carrot, radish, carrot, radish, etc
As a salad. It can be used as a cooking accent. Decorate your lunch box.
Potatoes are strung and fried to make tornado potatoes.
With a little effort, the usual food can be gorgeous.
·SNS and other "show food".
Kids who don't like vegetables can also enjoy this shape.
Because it is made of plastic, it is difficult to cut hands, so it is also recommended for family cooking.
Suitable for vegetables with a diameter of about 3 to 10cm,

Food "round knife" for cutting vegetables into spiral shapes

Simply turn the handle with one hand to cut the vegetables into a circle. Can be used for cucumber, radish, carrot, radish and so on. It is recommended as a garnish for salads and dishes, or as a bento decoration. You can then cut potatoes into spirals, put them on skewers, and fry them in oil into tornado potatoes, which are popular at food stalls. The shape is interesting, and it's delicious when fried, so it's a pleasure to be at home.

Using the unique and inexpensive "kururin cutter", you can cut familiar vegetables into unusual shapes to make your usual dishes gorgeous. It's also great for "showcasing dishes" for SNS like Instagram. Even kids who don't like vegetables can enjoy the curly shapes. Made of resin, it is difficult to cut hands and easier to decorate than a knife, so it is also recommended for parent-child cooking.


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