KOKUBO Japan Portable Storage Container Jar 1500ml Pink

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Country of manufacture: Japan

Main materials:Lifts/ABS resin, lever/ABS resin, spring/steel wire, packing/silicone rubber, body/AS resin


Please note: * do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
[please note] ・ before and after use, wash well with neutral detergent and dry well before use and store.
The packing can be removed and washed.
Do not store items containing alcohol or items with strong acidity.
Please note: * do not store foods that contain a lot of liquid or produce gas due to
Heat resistant temperature: lid / -20 and 70 degrees, packing / -20 and 200 degrees, body / -20 and 100 degrees

fermentation etc.
However, there is no problem with the quality.
Please note: * when storing, make sure that the lid is securely closed.
Hold the lever only and do not lift the body. The lid may come off and the contents may spill.
Store in a cool place. * do not store horizontally. The contents may leak.
Please note: * do not use in a dishwasher/dryer.
Please note: * do not use in the microwave.
Please note: ・ do not apply excessive force to this item. It may cause breakage.
Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately. * do not leave near a fire or in places with high temperatures. This may cause the product to soften or deform.
Please note: * do not use in the freezer. The contents may expand and the container may be damaged or ruptured.
However, there is no problem with this. ・ if you brush with a scouring brush or powder, it may scratch.

With a transparent plastic container and a white lid, it is a canister for hermetically storing food. When the lid is closed and the lever is pushed down, the lever support and the bottom of the lid are lifted by the lever principle and the force of the spring, and the packing and the container are in close contact, so that the lid can be sealed instantly. When the lever is lifted, the bottom of the lid is lowered, allowing air to enter the gap between the container and the container, and it can be easily opened. The lock and release can be done quickly by simply operating the lever, making it convenient for taking in and taking out food items that are busy. Available in 750mL, 1500mL, and 2250mL sizes. You can choose from three colors of lever: pink, green and gray. It is also good that you can see the contents in a simple form. Even to show preservation.


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