KOKUBO Japan Indoor Deodorizing Aroma Beads 200g Fresh lemon scent

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Categories: Home & Living
Country of manufacture: Japan

Main materials:Plant extract, water absorbent resin

Usage method:
【 at-sho shu deodorizing beads 】
1. Remove the lid and remove the aluminum sheet.
(please be careful not to spill the contents.)
2. Close the lid tightly again and place it in a stable place that does not fall over.

[for refilling]
1. Hold the top of the bag and cut along the cutlery line.
(please be careful not to spill the contents.)
2. Slowly fill it into a deodorant fragrance container (or plastic container, glass container, etc.).
3. After filling, close the zipper tightly and store.

Caution:(precautions for use)

Please note: ・ this item cannot be eaten.
Please note: ・ if you accidentally eat, the beads will absorb moisture and expand. When using, take special care of the elderly, children and people with dementia and do not leave the product within reach.
Should it spill, wipe immediately.
Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately. ・ do not leave in places with direct sunlight.
Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
Please note: ・ this may cause other symptoms, so never flush it to a drain outlet.

(emergency treatment)
Should you accidentally eat, consult your doctor immediately.
Should you have any abnormalities, consult a doctor.

Feature:Indoor deodorant fragrance
Aroma: unscented, charcoal, aqua soap, lavender, fresh lemon, osmance

Clear, round, granular deodorizing beads made from vegetable extract and water-absorbing resin. There are six fragrance types: unscented, charcoal, aqua soap, lavender, fresh lemon and osmanthus. Slowly volatilizes and strongly deodorizes a room with unscented or subtle fragrances. The effect is 2-3 months. (it depends on the usage environment.) if you run out of deodorizing beads, you can use them again with refill items sold separately. It can be used in various places such as living room, entrance, wash room, bedroom, toilet, pet area, office etc. To deal with unpleasant odors.

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