KOKUBO Japan Foldable Hooded Clothing Hanger Green

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Categories: Hangers Home & Living
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Country of manufacture: Japan

Main materials:Body/polypropylene, spring/steel wire

Usage method:· how to fix the food bar
1. Hold the base of the bar and lift it up. The bar stops at a certain point.
At the stop point, lower the base of the bar.

Folding type
You can adjust the shoulders and sleeves after you have put your clothes over the hanger, so you can dry wet and heavy hoodies and sweatshirts easily.

· storage
After use, it can be folded and stored compactly.

Caution:When stretching the slide arm, be careful not to pinch your fingers.

A hanger that dries hard hoodie hoods and armpits quickly and cleanly.
The shoulder width can be stretched with a sliding arm, so it can be dried neatly according to the size of the clothes.
Folding, hooded sweatshirts and so on can be hung up clean without stretching the neck.
It is easy to dry, so it can prevent dry smell.
Prevent mold collapse.
· with a food bar that can dry the food three-dimensionally.
The arm can be adjusted to fit the size of the garment.
With a rotating hook, you can receive the wind efficiently, so it dries quickly.
It can be fixed to the rod with a catch hook. They do not move or fall when the wind blows.
Because it is folding, it can be stored compactly when not in use.

Hoodies Hanger with Quick Drying: Comes with a hood bar, so the hood area that is hard to dry quickly.
You can adjust the arm to fit the size of your clothes by hanging it out without forcing it to stretch the neck to fit your clothes.
It can prevent its shape
Also recommended to prevent odors that are semi-dry.
Equipped with an efficient drying mechanism: The hook portion rotates as it twists, so you can efficiently wind from all directions.
It also comes with a hood holder so that the hard to dry hood and underarm areas dry quickly.
You can dry it according to your clothes: Fixed the hood bar is very easy. Simply lift the food bar and drop the base of the bar down.
The sleeve part can also be adjusted to fit the clothes with the appropriate balance.
Compact body and space saving storage: It is foldable, so it can be folded into a compact size when not in use, and it does not take up much space when stored.
Rod catch design for peace of mind: The part connected to the clothesline rod is a rod catch that prevents it from moving and falling off due to wind, so you can use it with confidence.

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