KOBAYASHI Japan Toilet Flower Scent Cleansing Gel 28g

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Simply stick it on the surface of the toilet bowl to spread a pleasant scent and keep the waterfront clean.
Every time you flush, the chemical spreads around the water of the toilet and cleans thoroughly with the action of the cleaning ingredients. The effect of preventing dirt from sticking and the effect of suppressing the occurrence of black spots* due to the disinfecting* ingredients keep the waterfront clean and make cleaning easier.
* Suppresses the growth of bacteria that cause black spots. However, it does not kill all bacteria. The effect may vary depending on the usage environment and degree of dirt.
Since it is attached to two places on the left and right, the chemical ingredients are effectively spread around the water.
It can be used for about a week by sticking it on the left and right two places at a time.
("Bluelet Stampy Disinfecting Fragrance Refill" is 3 bottles for about 90 days: 1 bottle is for 4 times, about 30 days) (When flushed 15 times a day) (Temperature, water temperature, water volume, etc.) will change slightly.)
Running water is colorless.
The product does not affect septic tanks and bacteria in septic tanks.

Use Method:
Please note that people with dementia and infants may eat by mistake.
"Bluelet Stampy Disinfecting Fragrance Refill" requires the grip of the "Bluelet Stampy Series" to use.
By using it after cleaning the toilet bowl, the effect will last longer.
Usable toilet bowl

1. Remove the cap.
2. Align the protrusion on the tip of the grip with the indentation of the gel container. 3. Insert straight without turning the grip.
How to make petal gel
1. Pinch (1) and turn clockwise until it clicks (2). 2. Push the tip of the gel container in close contact with the toilet bowl.
3. Apply the petal gel one by one on the left and right. After use, close the cap tightly and store.
pottery toilet bowl

Since it contains a disinfectant, special care should be taken to prevent people with dementia and infants from eating it by mistake, such as closing the lid of the toilet bowl and placing the product out of reach.
Do not use for any other purpose.
Do not use on toilet bowls other than ceramic (resin, etc.).
Avoid fire and direct sunlight, and do not place in a place where the temperature exceeds 40 degrees.
During use, if water splashes or a lump of the drug remains, remove it with a toilet brush.
Beware of accidental ingestion

[Fragrance Floral] [Fragrance Lavender]
Perfumes, surfactants (nonionic, amphoteric, cationic), pigments
[fragrance soap]
Fragrances, surfactants (nonionic, amphoteric, cationic)

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