KINCHO Japan Spider Web Spray Prevents Spraye Jet Spray 450 ml

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Also effective for sear basket spider Works great on eggs.
The mesh inhibitor formula prevents spider webs. Effect lasts approximately 1 month.
The 3D barrier effect of the active contributing of the conductive ingredient, not only spiders but also small insects that can be used as a feed.
Spray directly to remove spiders. Eggs can be eliminated.
Jet type that is easy to handle in hard-to-reach places, such as under eaves and ceilings. (Can also be used indoors)
Registered by the Consumer Pest Control Council.
Applicable pests and effectivenes... Repels and repels spiders. Spider-blocking netting

Use Method:
Direct control
Swing directly into the spider. Spray on the spider egg until it gets wet.
Prevention of spiders and webs
Apply spray on the surface to prevent the spider's web from getting wet.
If there is a spider web, remove the spider web before spraying.

Precautions for use precautions for use
Be sure to read the product indications before use and use after full understanding.
Observe the prescribed use method.
People who have allergic symptoms (such as rash, redness, itching, rash, etc.) or asthma symptoms caused by drugs or cosmetics so far should consult a doctor or pharmacist before use.
Because it is toxic to fish, be careful not to let spray particles into ponds and tanks.
Do not touch skin, eyes, food, tableware, rice cake, pets (ornamental fish, birds, etc.), feed, plants, valuables, art works, Musical Instruments, electrical appliances, glass surfaces, etc.
Do not spray it against the body.
Paint surface, plastic, plain wood, furniture, fittings, walls, etc., should be sprayed in an inconspicuous place in advance to make sure there is no impact before use.
Marble, granite and other stone materials, car and other painted surface may cause discoloration, so be careful not to apply.
Make sure there are no people around the spray site, especially in the downwind, and spray from the windward.
When getting rid of the red spider, try to minimize the exposure of the body, so as not to be bitten.
Precautions during and after use
Avoid entering the room except the sprayer during the sprayer, and enter the room after the sprayer when the air in the room changes with the outside air. Also, do not directly inhale spray particles.
When the medicine sticks to the skin, wash well with soap and water. Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately with water.
If you feel abnormal in your body, tell your doctor that this product is a pyrethroid insecticide and receive immediate treatment.
After using this agent, it will be slippery before drying, so be careful.
Rain or water on the spray surface will reduce the effect, so spray again.
Do not spray continuously for more than 30 seconds.
Cautions on storage and handling: avoid the surroundings such as fan heaters in the car in summer, and keep it in a cool place out of reach of children.
Do not place around water or in humid places because there is a risk of rust and rupture.
Precautions on disposal: when throwing away, use the gas release button in a breathable outdoor area without fire, or use the gas release button until the exhaust sound is turned off, and throw away according to the local regulations.

It also has a handy gas release button.

Insert a coin the same size as a 10 yen coin under the guide above the button to lock the button and drain the gas when discarding it.
Please do not touch people or plants outside without fire.
For the disposal method of a large number of unused cans, please contact our customer consultation room.
Caution for fire and high temperature as this product is flammable using high-pressure gas and is dangerous, follow the following precautions.

Do not use near fire or fire.
Do not use a lot in a room where fire is used.
Do not store in a place with a temperature of 40 degrees or higher, such as in direct sunlight or near fire.
Don't put it in the fire.
Use it up and throw it away.

Ingredient:Pyrethroid (cyflutrine, tranflutrine)

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