KINCHO Japan Space Mosquito Repellent Spray 45ml Without Fragrance

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Actually... Mosquitoes stay on walls and ceilings much longer than they fly!
So... It is important to attach the agent quickly to walls and ceilings.
For example, if it is used for 200 days, 4 pushes a day can be used for about a month and a half.
4.5 to 8 tatami MATS, 1 push. The effect spreads throughout the room and lasts for about 12 hours.
Because the effect lasts for a long time with a push, there is no need to leave it in the room, only one bottle can be used everywhere in the house, which is very convenient.
Use pyrethroid insecticide composition with high safety and excellent insecticide effect.

Use Method:
It does not use electricity, battery, or fire. It is a simple mosquito repellent spray that only needs to be pushed once a day (insect repellent for indoor use).
With 1 push, the drug will spread to the room, and the mosquito repellent effect will last for about 12 hours, and there will be no mosquitoes in the room.
If the room is 4.5-8 tatami, it can be used every day for 200 days.
With this one, you can easily use it in various rooms anytime, anywhere.
Because it is a quantitative injection type, the necessary amount is injected with 1 push to prevent overuse.
Please adjust the number of times according to the size of the room.

Precautions for use
Do not spray it against the body.
Also, do not directly inhale the jet gas.
Should inhalation be wrong and feel abnormal in the body, stop using, inform the doctor that this product is pyrethroid type insecticide, immediately receive medical treatment.
If you have any allergic symptoms (e.g., rash, redness, itching, rash, etc.) due to drugs or cosmetics, please consult a doctor or pharmacist before use.
Other notes 1. Observe the prescribed dosage.
2. Avoid touching skin, food, tableware, children's toys, small birds and other pets, feed and crops.
Do not use it in rooms with aquariums such as ornamental fish.
3. Wash well with soap and water when the drug sticks to the skin.
Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately with water.
If you have a constitution that is prone to allergic symptoms or rash, do not touch drugs.
It is not possible to spray continuously, so if you spray continuously, leave it for about 5 seconds until the next injection.
6. Do not spray the can upside down.
7. When using in closed or small rooms, use ventilation from time to time.
Do not use it on the human body

Active ingredient: tranfluthrin: 16.7w/v%(per 100ml solution)
Other ingredients: ethanol, LPG

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