KINCHO Japan Mosquito Repellent Coils with Natural Ingredients 3 Flavours (Aromatherose, Lavender, Forest Scent)

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This product is a mosquito repellent incense packed with 3 kinds of fragrance: golden bird swirling rose, forest fragrance, and lavender fragrance.
A calm color mosquito repellent with a gentle usage sensation and reduced smoke irritation (compared to our company).
It has a stable insecticidal effect and is effective for about 7 hours.
The combustion time varies depending on the environment.

Use Method:
How to remove the incense swirl gently push the center of the incense swirl up and down, pinch the center from above and below, and remove the incense swirl into two rolls.
How to light the incense swirl burn the incense swirl with the tip (1 point) facing downward. After ignition, extinguish the flame and slowly burn it.
How to use an incense tray remove the lid and cover of the can. If you turn over the lid of the can, it will become an incense plate, so please place it on the can.
※ the white mat of the incense plate is non-flammable glass fiber. No asbestos is used.
Please do not throw away the mat.

[to discuss]
In case, stop using when you feel abnormal in the body. In addition, if the child accidentally eats it, vomit it immediately, and immediately tell the doctor that this product is a pyrethroid insecticide for treatment.

[other notes]
Please put it in a well-ventilated place and use it upwind. If you use it for a long time in a closed room, it may irritate your eyes, nose and throat.
Please pay attention to the use of allergy.
Please do not use it in anything other than the attached incense tray or special burning equipment.
Do not place incense sticks near things that are easy to burn. Do not put incense sticks on quilts or clothes. Also, be careful not to let the incense stick fall.
When opening the cover of the incense plate, hold the side of the cover and do not put your fingers inside.
Please don't take out the white mat on the incense tray.
Please use it out of the reach of children.
Please use it in a stable, flat place.
The combustion of a repellent stick I have the handle of the cans in the mobile or the empty stomach should not be used.
Do not put anything other than incense in the incense tray while incense is burning.
When using an attached incense plate or mosquito buta, there is a risk that the resin attached to the back of the cover of the incense will fall into the incense and extinguish the fire or burn up. Clean the resin with a neutral detergent and rub with a sponge, brush, etc.
The ash accumulated in the incense plate, after use after the ash has cooled, please throw it away every time.

[precautions for storage and handling]
Keep out of reach of children in a cool place with little humidity.

[precautions on disposal]
After use, please throw it away according to the guidance of the autonomous group.

Pyrethroid (dl・ d-t80aleslin)... 0.3w/w%, vegetable fine powder, starch, Na dehydroacetate, coloring agent, fragrance, other 4 ingredients

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