KINCHO Japan Mildew spray for the bathroom 40ml

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Mildew resistant in bath. Easy to push You can use 5 pushes to the space once every 2 weeks. Prevents mold and mildew from the entire bathroom (disinfecting and mildew due to repeated treatment of "treatment for the whole bathroom" and "point processing"). Antibacterial and antivirus *. Kills bacteria that cause black mold. Point treatment for those concerns. Also prevents pink slime. Easy, clean smokeless formula Herbal Mint Scent Not mildew remover. (It does not remove mold stains) Even if you are looking to clean baths, you can still use the bacteria that causes black mold and pink slime. You can only use 5 pushes to complete the bathroom. It disinfects bacteria that cause bacteria and keeps your bathroom clean. Just push one button in a place where black mold and pink slimes are prone to occur. Easy and easy to prevent occurrence *The effect will last about 2 weeks! (Varies depending on usage environment. Regular use will increase mold resistance Not effective on all mold, bacteria, and viruses. Validate the effect with one envelope and one non-envelope type virus.

Product Usage:Mould-proof, antibacterial, antiviral in the bathroom

Use Method:
1. ready
Remove mold stains. (even if mold stains remain, they are effective in preventing mold stains from spreading further.)
Close the bathroom window and turn off the ventilator.
Copper, brass, and zinc (product examples: metal fittings, drainage traps, etc.), put in the mouth of toothbrushes, etc. Cover laundry, towels, living things, plants, etc., or take them out of the bathroom.
If there is a fire in the bathroom, turn it off and close the main plug.
2. Treatment method
Can be used even if the bathroom is wet or dry.
< treatment of whole bathroom > (for bathroom for general household)
Stretch your arms from the entrance of the bathroom and change the direction of the medicine so that it spreads evenly into the bathroom.
When spraying, stand up the can and use it.
< point processing >
For places where you care about black mold and pink slime, start from a distance of about 50cm and apply 1 push per 40x40cm.
If the button is not pressed, it can be used by pressing the button on the right side of the can.
3. After processing
Process as soon as possible, immediately out of the bathroom, close the door, close the door for more than 10 minutes, turn ON the ventilator, fully ventilated (10 to 20 minutes) before entering the room. If the switch of the ventilation fan is in the bathroom or there is no ventilation fan, follow the precautions.
There is no need to rinse the bathroom after treatment. You can do the daily cleaning.
[smart use]
Use once every two weeks is effective (depending on the environment).
The treatment of the whole bathroom is effective when the bathroom is cleaned.
Where it is easy to produce black mold and pink paint, it is more effective to treat the point carefully.

Estimated amount of use
In the case of whole bathroom treatment 5 pushes per bathroom
In the case of point processing, one push is 40x40cm

Follow the prescribed usage method.
Be sure to turn off the seed fire and heater in the gas heater and close the main gas stopper.
Check the direction of the injection port well before spraying, so that the drug does not get on the face.
Do not spray towards the body. Also, do not directly inhale spray particles.
People who are prone to allergic symptoms and rash should avoid touching or inhaling drugs.
Do not let children use it.
Avoid entering the room except for the person who sprays while spraying.
When strongly stimulated, cover the nose and mouth with a mask or handkerchief.
The maximum amount of treatment is 5 pushes, and treatment of the whole bathroom and point treatment are carried out separately.
You cannot enter the bathroom while it is closed.
When the door is closed after spraying, if the drug leaks and stimulates it, close the gap in the door.
If the switch of the ventilation fan is in the bathroom or there is no ventilation fan itself, enter the room after closing for more than 90 minutes for ventilation.
Avoid direct contact with ventilation fan or bathroom dryer.
Should the chemical agent adhere to copper, brass, zinc, toothbrush or other items in the mouth, rinse well with water.
A place with a lot of water or hot water may not be effective.
If it is not effective, use it more often.
First aid

Wash the agent with soap and water when it sticks to the skin.
When it gets into eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water without rubbing.
When they leave, they breathe fresh air.
Should you feel any abnormality in your body, take this item with you and consult a doctor.
Notes on storage and handling

Store in a cool place out of reach of children.
There is a risk of rupture of the can due to rust, so do not place in a place with water or high humidity.
Disposal method

When throwing away the gas, press the button repeatedly to remove the gas in a breathable outdoor area without fire, and then throw it away according to local regulations.
Watch out for fire and high temperature

Because it is a flammable product using high-pressure gas and is dangerous, please observe the following precautions.

Do not use near fire or fire.
Do not use a lot in a room where fire is used.
Do not store in a place with a temperature of 40 degrees or higher, such as in direct sunlight or near fire.
Don't put it in the fire.
Use it up and throw it away.

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