KINCHO Japan 100% Natural Plant Ingredients Mosquito Repellent Incense

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Made with 100% natural plant ingredients!
A pure plant-derived incense that USES plenty of natural pyrethrum (chrysanthemum root, chrysanthemum extract).
It has a natural aroma and a stable insecticidal effect.
Trusted Japanese quality!
The effect lasts about three hours.

Product Usage:Adult mosquito control

Use Method:Take one spiral and ignite one end of it and slowly burn it before use.

Should a child eat it by mistake, vomit it immediately and immediately tell a doctor that this agent is a pyrethroid type insecticide and receive medical treatment.

Precautions in storage and handling
Store out of reach of children in a cool place with little humidity.

Other notes
Please note: * store in a well-ventilated place on a windward side. If you use it for a long time in a closed room, it may irritate your eyes, nose and throat.
If you have an allergic constitution, take care not to use.
Do not use in an attached incense holder or other burning equipment.
Please note: * do not place incense sticks near items that are easy to burn. Also, be careful not to let the incense stick fall.
Do not use on paper boxes, plastic containers or other items that have a risk of burning.
Be careful not to cut your hands etc. at the tip of the incense holder or in places with thin metal.
After use, throw away the ash collected in the saucer as it cools.

Active ingredients
Phylogenitrine: total pyrethrin: 1w/w%

Other components
Vegetable fine powder, starch, other 1 ingredient

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