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Category:cleaning supplies

Description:The fluffiness on both sides attracts and catches dust!  Adsorptive fiber catches dust, pollen, household dust, and pet hair on bumpy surfaces and gaps! Can be used around PCs and TVs, bookshelves, between small objects, window sash grooves and many other places.

Capacity:92 x 56 x 246 mm

Use Method:How to use

How to assemble
Insert the round hook up into the insertion part of the head.
* Cannot be disassembled after assembling.

How to set the sheet
① Wrap the sheet on the head.
② Put the hooks of the tool through the holes (notches) in the edges of the sheet and secure it.
★ When the tip of the sheet becomes soiled, you can reverse the tip and handle side and use the entire surface without waste.

● Do not use for other than the intended use.
● Wipe gently.
● Sheets cannot be washed.
● Do not use when the sheet has grains of sand or hard dirt attached. (This may damage LCD screens and furniture.)
● Sheets are not water-absorbent and should not be used on wet areas.
● Do not use on rough surfaces and on wood with rough surfaces. The fibers of the sheet may come off.
● Do not use on car bodies. The car surface may become damaged due to grains of sand and hard dirt on the surface.
● Turn off items that are hot, such as light bulbs, and clean after they have cooled. (It may melt when used on surfaces with high temperature.)
● Turn off the TV or other appliances before cleaning as static electricity can make it difficult to remove dust.
● Avoid direct sunlight and keep away from areas with high temperatures. It may become discolored or deformed.
● Do not leave the sheet on unfinished wood, vinyl floors and furniture for long periods of time. They may become discolored.
● Do not apply excessive force when using. The tool may break.
● Do not force the tool into gaps where it cannot fit. The sheet may come off or the tool may break. If it is dislodged, secure it firmly with a rubber band.
● When the tool (handle) becomes soiled, wipe with water and dry in the shade. If the product becomes heavily soiled, wipe with a mild detergent solution and then wipe with water.

Materials:Tools (handles)
Material/Grip: Polypropylene Head: Polypropylene

handy sheet
Material/polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene
Ingredients/liquid paraffin

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