KAO Japan Merit Shampoo Massage Brush for Scalp Care

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Description:Shampoo brush that washes scalp thoroughly, where fingers cannot reach easily.
If the scalp is washed thoroughly, hair will become smooth from the roots.

● Gentle design for parents and children
・ Does not tangle even with fine and long hair
・ Brush tip is soft and gentle to the scalp
・ Easy-to-hold size for mothers and children
● The brush works on three areas: pores, hair roots and scalp
・ Gently removes pore-clogging impurities
・ Completely removes dirt building up on hair roots
・ Comfortable massaging effect on the scalp

Capacity:19.5 x 11 x 7.2 cm

Use Method:How to use
(This product is a brush designed for shampooing. It is not designed for combing dry hair.)
① Run fingers through hair and wet thoroughly down to the scalp.
② Apply the shampoo to hair and work up a lather with fingers.
③ Put the brush onto the scalp and wash, making small sideways strokes.
④ Rinse the scalp and hair thoroughly until the shampoo is completely removed.

● It is recommended to use the brush every time hair is shampooed.
● It is recommended to replace with a new brush when the brush’s tip starts to wear.
○ If you feel there is not enough lather:
Did you soak wet your head thoroughly down to the scalp before applying the shampoo?
Run your fingers through the hair to wet the hair and scalp thoroughly.
Then, put the shampoo onto your hair and using your fingers, work up a lather.

● Do not use the brush on scalp with problems such as wounds, swelling and rashes.
● If you are the parent, use it yourself first before letting your children use it. Then tell your children how to use it. Always keep an eye on your children until they learn to wash their hair themselves using the brush.
● Do not rub too hard to avoid damage to scalp and hair.
● Be careful not to move the brush in circular motions as it can lead to tangled hair.
● Do not use the brush if it is damaged or deformed.
Heat resistant temperature: 60 degrees

Materials:Material of handle/flat plate: Polypropylene
Brush material: styrene elastomer

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