KAO Japan Laurier Ultra-Thin Daily Sanitary Pads 20.5cm (28 pieces)

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Country of manufacture: Japan

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The instant absorption of lorier extremely thin, but can rely on double absorption ※ 1 without stickness and clogging original stress-free design ※ 2 long lasting, 20% cut surface liquid remaining ※ 2 smooth surface 15% increase ※ 2 comfortable Wear comfort · supple fit, plenty of days to spare · fully breathable sheet is less stuffy · fragrance-free (quasi-drug) ※ 1 compared with our "lorie skin beauties guard with ordinary daily feathers" ※ 2 compared with our conventional products (as of February 2021)

Usage method:
Please replace it at the time of menstruation.

Precautions for use
Consult your doctor if this doesn't agree with your skin.
Wrap the napkin in individual plastic wrap and discard.
Please don't flush it down the toilet.
Please leave the napkin in the special box after use.

Precautions for storage: after opening, store hygienically so that dust and insects do not get in.

Main materials:
Composition materials
Surface materials: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester color: white

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