KAO Japan Kitchen Oil Removal Deodorant Spray Kitchen Cleaners 300ml

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Country of manufacture: Japan

Main materials:
Surfactant (1% alkylamine oxide), foam regulator, alkali agent

Usage method:
Around the stove, wall, cooking table (artificial marble is also possible), grilled fish grill, outside the stove and around the stove, etc.
(1) for cleaning, spray the dirt (about 9 times per square meter) and wipe with a cloth.
When using on cooking appliances or small places, wipe off with a spray on a cloth etc.
Leave it for about 5 minutes for severe dirt.
For sterilization * 1・ virus removal * 2, spray directly and leave for 5 minutes. (* 1 not all bacteria are sterilized.) 2 not all viruses are removed. An envelope type of virus was tested.)
2. Rinse with water immediately after use or blot with water.
After using for grilled fish, be sure to rinse with water.

Try the next one in an unobtrusive place.
Aluminum products (may discolor), paint damaged by oil or heat, fluorine coat (may peel off).
Read the instruction manual of the object carefully and use it.

If you spray with the white cover of the spray opening closed, the foam will be narrow.

Things that can't be used: furniture, floors, things that soak in water
Copper, brass and zinc steel products
Precautions: wear glasses and be careful not to let liquid or droplets into your eyes.

Do not spray with "stop".
Do not point the nozzle at your face.
Above the eyes, wipe with a sponge or cloth.
Do not use it for other purposes./ don't keep it within reach of children.
In order to prevent people with dementia from accidentally ingestion, pay attention to the place where it is placed.
Be sure to ventilate well, do not use too much at a time.
Use cooking gloves when using.
Be sure to use "stop" for safekeeping.

A daily cleaner for kitchens that cleanly removes dirt and odors. Can be used around the stove, cooking table (artificial marble is also possible), outside of cooking appliances, etc.

After cooking, go where you are interested! And it can be a spray type. It has a stylish design, so you can put it in a place where you can see the kitchen. It also has a 99% sterilization effect. Contains orange oil (fragrance).

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