KAO Japan Household Multi-purpose Cleaner 400ml Furniture floor sterilization and deodorization

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Country of manufacture: Japan

Main materials:

Surfactant (0.2% alkylamine oxide), foam regulator

Usage method:
Cleaning and sterilizing and virus removal of sashes, glass, outside of refrigerators, light fixtures, mirrors, etc.

Spray directly and wipe with dry cloth etc.
Spray for sterilization and virus removal and wipe off every 5 minutes.
Please pay attention to the possibility of liquid dripping.
(may cause discoloration)
Floor floor, vinyl floor, wall, door, folding, carpets, decorative panels, cupboards, furniture, electrical appliances, faxes, etc.

Spray on a cloth and wipe off. Do not spray directly because it may cause stain or malfunction.
Floor, tatami, carpet, lacquer and other painted surfaces should be tried to avoid discoloration in an inconspicuous place before use. The carpet is watered after use.
· things that cannot be blistered (plain wood, furniture, wall materials, etc.)
/ lacquer painting
Copper and brass products
Car paint
Liquid crystal · plasma display screen
Leather products
With the white cover of the spray opening closed, spray with a narrow foam.

Do not use it for other purposes./ don't keep it within reach of children.
In order to prevent people with dementia from accidentally ingestion, pay attention to the place where it is placed.
Be sure to use "stop" for safekeeping.
Do not spray with "stop".
Above the eyes, wipe with a sponge or cloth.
Use good ventilation.
Wash your hands well with water after use.
If you are rough or want to use it for a long time, use cooking gloves.

A spray type detergent that can be widely used for cleaning homes.
It can be used in various places such as floors, lights, electrical appliances, walls, furniture, doors, etc.
It can also be sterilized * and virus removed *, and it does not need to be sprayed twice.
With a fresh green fragrance.
It does not eliminate all bacteria and viruses.
* efficacy tested with a single envelope type virus

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