KAO Japan Foam Strong Mildew Removal Cleaner 400ml body

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Country of manufacture: Japan

Contains adhesive ingredients, making the fine foam stay on mold on vertical surfaces for effectiveness. Eliminates mold from areas previously difficult to clean effectively, including walls, rubber packing under shelves and shower hoses.

Usage method:
How to use
① Align the “出” nozzle tip with the "▲" mark properly. (When doing so, do not point the nozzle towards your face)
② Spray on mold stains from about 10 cm away. (Never spray above eye-level. When using the product above eye-level such as on ceilings, etc., spray the liquid on a rag before scrubbing the area clean)
③ Rinse with plenty of water after leaving for about 5 minutes. ※ For best results on stubborn stains, leave it for approximately 15 to 30 minutes.
④ Align the “止” nozzle tip with the "▲" mark properly after use. Make sure to wash your hands after use.

Do not use other than the intended use.
Carefully select the place to store the product in order to prevent sufferers of dementia accidentally swallowing the product.
· careful not to get the product into eyes.
· Be careful not to get the liquid on skin or clothing.
If mixed with acidic products, vinegar and alcohol, there is a risk of emission of harmful gas.
Small quantities are used continuously for an extended period of time.
"The product may cause discoloration on tiles other than those made in Japan". an inconspicuous area before use.
Leaving the product dripped on bathtubs may cause discoloration.
· Be careful not to let it get onto clothing and carpets as it may cause bleaching.
Avoid direct sunlight and keep away from areas with high temperatures.
The oh, with steeper the some when storing.
To avoid damage, do not drop the bottle.

Main materials:Hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide (0.5%), surfactant (alkylamine oxide), stabilizer

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