KAO Japan Flat Mop Cleaning Dry Towel (Replacement pack, 40pcs in)

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Country of manufacture: Japan

Installed to a quick wiper, it is a sheet that can easily clean flooring, tatami MATS, and vinyl floors while standing. It is a three-dimensional structure sheet of about 500,000 microfibers, and it keeps away not only hair, dust, but also micro dirt that cannot be removed with a vacuum cleaner attached by static electricity. Long hair is also well married. It catches pollen and even fine house dust. You can use both sides of the sheet, and you can clean a 6 tatami room about 10 to 12 times.

Usage method:
Please make sure that the handle of the wiper body is not loose.
Please place the quick wiper in the center of the seat, wrap the head, and push it into the plug (4 places) to stop.

Because it doesn't dissolve in water, don't flush it in the toilet.
The sheet can be used on both sides.
If it becomes difficult to remove dirt or dust, replace it with a new sheet.
(approx. 10 to 12 times in a room of 6 tatami MATS with one sheet (both sides).)
It can also be installed on floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaners that can use commercial cleaning sheets.
Please read the robot floor cleaning instructions carefully before using.
It does not necessarily show the same performance as quick wiper.
Care for quick wiper:
When dirty, blot and dry in the shade. When dirt is serious, wipe with neutral detergent and rinse with water. (alkaline and acidic detergents may alter the head.)
The cushion part of the head, the seat insert, after a long period of use will deteriorate and become fragile. If you cannot use it anymore, please replace it with a new quick wiper unit.
If you apply too much force, the quick wiper may be damaged.

Do not use it for other purposes.
Because the sheet is not absorbent, it can't be used in wet places.
Not suitable for large garbage such as sand and paper waste.
Do not use carpets or rough surfaces. The fibers of the sheet may come out.
If you wipe the surface of the sheet with sand or hard garbage, it may damage the floor.
Do not leave it on plain wood or plastic flooring for a long time. The floor may be discolored.
· feel the floor is easy to slip and difficult to slip, with water and tightly squeezed cloth to wipe well. If the wax is used, reapply the wax.

Main materials:
Sheet materials/polyester, polypropylene
Component/fluid paraffin

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