KAO Japan Dusting Cleaning Stick Replacement Head (3pcs in)

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Country of manufacture: Japan

Main materials:
Materials/polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene
Component/fluid paraffin

Usage method:
Attach it to the optional "quick handy" and "quick handy extended-shrink type" and use it.

Put the handy sheet over the head.
Secure it through the tool hook into the hole at the end of the sheet.

If the tip of the handy sheet gets dirty, you can use it without wasting the entire surface by replacing the tip and handle side upside down.

Please cut the bag through the opening at both ends of the bag and take it out.
If it becomes difficult to remove dirt and dust, please replace it with a new handy sheet.

Precautions for use
Do not use it for other purposes.

/ wipe gently.
Handyhand sheets can't be washed.
Do not attach sand grains and hard garbage to handypaper. (may cause damage to LCD screens and furniture.)
Handyhand paper is not absorbent, so it is not used in wet places.
/ don't use it on rough surfaces or where the tree has broken. The fibers of the handysheet may fall out.
Do not use it on the body of a car. There is a risk of scratches due to dust particles and hard garbage adhered to the surface of the car.
Turn off the power of high temperature things such as light bulbs and use them when they are cold. (may melt if used at high temperature.)
It is difficult to get dust from static electricity, so turn off the power to use TV and so on.
Avoid direct sunlight. Do not store in high temperatures. It may be discolored or deformed.
Do not leave it on plain wood, plastic floors, furniture, etc., for a long time. It can be discolored.
Don't use too much. The tool is in danger of breaking.
Don't force it into the gap where the tools don't fit. The handysheet may come off and the tools may be damaged. If it is removed, secure it firmly with a rubber band.
When the tools (handle) are dirty, blot them and dry them in the shade. When dirt is serious, wipe with a liquid diluted with neutral detergent before blistering.


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