KAO Japan Birou Bath Towel 90 * 15cm Extremely Soft, Dense Foam, Bacteriostatic and Quick Drying

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Country of manufacture: Japan

For the skin of modern people that tends to get dry. Body towel for liquid type with zero skin friction concept.
Silky lather can be made and high-quality smooth washing.
"First time in history". 5 layer mille-feuille body towel
High quality tactile microfiber adoption
The fine foam created by the five-layer mille-feuille structure makes it easy to wash your whole body.
Use anti-mycelium that can be used cleanly
Because it is breathable and knitted well, it dries easily
Recommend with biore u the body liquid body wash

Usage method:
1. Put plenty of water in your towel
If you add plenty of hot water, the body wash will spread over the entire towel, making it easier to lather.

2. Apply a suitable amount of liquid body wash and lather in a circle.
If you lather with a circular foam, the towel will take in plenty of air, making it easier to lather.

3. Wash your body gently with lather
Wash your body gently with lather without rubbing hard skin.

Rinse the body towel well after use, drain well and dry.
When using for the first time, please put on body wash etc., wash hands after use.
Do not use on wounds, eczema and other abnormal areas.
If irritation and other abnormalities, please stop using.
If exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, it may cause discoloration and deterioration, so please avoid.
Please put it in the net when washing it in the washing machine.
Avoid using a dryer.
If used repeatedly, dirt (sebum and plaque) will adhere to the skin, may become black. If dirt is a concern, attach it with bleach for clothing (chlorine type or oxygen type powder type) and wash it.

Main materials:
Surface fabric 100% polyester/medium fabric 100% polyester

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