Japanese outdoor resort bathing Medicated bath salts Nigori-no-yu (25gx8 pack)

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Description:“Open-air Inn Nigori-no-Yu” is a medicated bath salt containing ingredients found in hot springs. Enjoy the feeling of touring the hot springs of Yufuin, Manza, Shirahone, and Nyuto.

Capacity:25gx8 pack

Use Method:
【how to use】
Fill your bathtub with hot water (approximately 150-200L) and thoroughly dissolve 1 packet (25g) of this product before taking a bath.
Recovery from fatigue, heat rash, chilblains, rheumatism, neuralgia, lower back pain, sensitivity to cold, stiff shoulders, roughness, cracks, chapped skin, bruises, eczema, hemorrhoids, sensitivity to cold before and after childbirth, acne, sprains

<About using leftover hot water>
-Can be used for laundry, but please avoid soaking or washing freshly washed clothes. Also, white items may be colored.
・Cannot be used for rinsing or soft finishing. Please use fresh water.
-Do not use leftover hot water for watering plants as it contains a lot of inorganic salts.

<Caution regarding cloudy components>
・After use, please wash the filter of the circulation port inside the bathtub thoroughly.
・Depending on the model, it may not be possible to use fully automatic water heaters or 24-hour baths. Please check the manual for your model before use.
・Avoid using wooden bathtubs as it will be difficult to remove the cloudy components if they adhere to them.
・The bathtub may become slippery, so please be careful when bathing.

[Precautions for use]
・This product is not edible. If a large amount is swallowed, give water to drink, induce vomiting, and consult a doctor immediately.
・If you have any skin or constitutional abnormalities, please consult your doctor before use.
・If you notice any abnormalities on your skin such as rash, redness, itching, or irritation, discontinue use and consult your doctor.
- In areas where the concentration of disinfectant chlorine in tap water is high, the color of the hot water may change slightly, but this will not affect the effectiveness.
・Do not use for purposes other than bathing.
・Some of this product may settle at the bottom of the bathtub, but this will not affect the effectiveness.
・This product does not contain sulfur that can damage bathtubs and bathtubs.
・Please keep out of reach of children.

Main materials:Sodium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate

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