Hartwell Japan Dedorant Fiber Cotton100% Face Towel Navy 34*34cm

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Categories: Home & Living Towels
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Product Category:Towel (FACE) 34*34cm

Country of manufacture: Japan

Main Material:Cotton100%

Overwhelming deodorizing power of "No Smell Towel" by functional molecules
For towels with residual odor even after washing.
We provide a comfortable life without worrying about odor.
We want to create a solution to the "towel odor problem" other than detergents and fabric softeners.
I am concerned about the lingering smell of towels after having gone to the trouble of washing them. But I don't want to use fabric softener to add fragrance.
We want to use laundry detergents that are strong enough to remove odors, but gentle enough for our skin and the environment.
We developed these towels in response to this conflict, thinking, "There must be something we can do about odor from towels. MOFF" is a specialized deodorant fiber used in helmet chin straps and shoe insoles. The powerful odor-dissolving power of the yarn itself, combined with Imabari's weaving technology, results in towels that can be used comfortably at any time.

MOFF" deodorant fiber is used.
MOFF" is a deodorant fiber that strongly neutralizes and deodorizes malodorous components that are the source of odors.

Unlike ordinary antibacterial processing, which prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria, and post-washing processing, which tends to deteriorate its effectiveness through abrasion and washing,
The functional agent is bound to the fiber at the molecular level, so the high deodorizing effect lasts.

Three functionalities of ▼MOFF
Immediate effect: High deodorant speed and excellent immediate effect.
Persistence: Large deodorant capacity and excellent persistence.
Durability: The deodorant function is combined at the molecular level, resulting in excellent durability.
Good at keeping cleanliness.
The reduced thickness makes it compact even when stored. Even when moist, they dry quickly. I can rest assured that the towels I use every day are clean!
The calm color is also my favorite.

The color may vary depending on the monitor's coloring.
Please wash it separately from other items at the beginning of use, as it may shed fluff. We recommend that you put the product in a net for washing. Please refrain from using fabric softener as much as possible, as it tends to cause fluffing. Do not wash dark-colored items with white items, as the colors may fade slightly. Please refrain from using detergents containing fluorescent bleach or bleaching agents. Do not leave the garment wet as it may cause color migration. Cotton products may shrink slightly, so please shape and hang dry after washing.


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