Hartwell Japan Cotton100% Bath Towel 60*120cm MOKOMOKO 365 ( 7 Colors Available )

Color: Blue

Matte Pink

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Categories: Home & Living Towels
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Product Category:Towel (BATH) 60*120cm

Country of manufacture: Japan

Main Material:Cotton100%

Comfortable "Fluffy" texture that lasts even after 100 washes
We want you to have the best towel experience 365 days a year. With this sense of mission in mind, "MOMOKOMOKO 365" was born. The special yarn, developed in collaboration with a spinning company, becomes fluffier and fluffier the more it is washed, so that the towels always feel good on the skin. The low shedding rate and minimal shedding of fluff reduces the amount of dirt on clothes during laundering, which is also a great advantage over conventional products, reducing the burden of housework. In addition to the fluffiness of the yarn, this sustainable towel can be used for a long time in a high quality state.

Confidence as a towel company born after years of research and development
Heartwell's original yarn "Double Soft" was created with a spinning company over a period of more than 10 years. The secret of the "fluffy" towels is this yarn, which swells up on its own even after repeated washing.

The development of these towels was focused on making towels that can be used for a long time while remaining fluffy.
You can see that the shape does not change even after 100 washes, and the entire pile is still puffy. With ordinary towels, the fluff is produced and the towels become thin after washing, but with "MOMOKOMOKO 365" the volume of the towel increases in contrast.
The absorbency is also outstanding, and as a towel company, we are proud to be able to offer this towel. We would be happy if you can use it every day at home.

Towels for the bathroom.
We thought that towels would get worn out after repeated washing, but the MOMOKO 365 towels have increased in volume through washing! Even when I wipe my hair or body after taking a bath, it does not get soaked immediately and absorbs water well. The towels feel comfortable against the skin, are not too thin or too thick, and have just the right volume to make you want to buy them in bulk.

The color may vary depending on the monitor's coloring. Please wash it separately from other items at the beginning of use, as it may shed fluff. We recommend that you put the product in a net for washing. Please refrain from using fabric softener as much as possible, as it tends to cause fluffing. Do not wash dark-colored items with white items, as the colors may fade slightly. Please refrain from using detergents containing fluorescent bleach or bleaching agents. Do not leave the garment wet as it may cause color migration. Cotton products may shrink slightly, so please shape and hang dry after washing.
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Blue, Matte Pink, Yellow, Navy, Ivory, Green, Brown


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