EBISU Japan Rushed Ice Box

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●“Cracked ice ice tray” that allows you to cut ice cubes as if you were breaking them with a pick.
●Equipped with an airtight lid to prevent odor transfer and prevent water from spilling.
●Can be stacked, making it convenient when you want to make a large amount of ice.

Capacity:Width 12.5x Depth 26x Height 4cm

Caution:Heat resistant temperature: Body: 110 degrees / Lid: 60 degrees
Cold-resistant temperature: -20 degrees, lid: -30 degrees
・ When making ice, make sure that the water level does not overflow from the dents in the ice mold.
・Please read the precautions carefully before use, and do not throw away the product during use.
・Do not use for purposes other than making ice.
・When making ice, please keep the main unit horizontal.
・The lid is not completely airtight.
・ If the lid is difficult to open or when taking out ice, be sure to pour water or lukewarm water on the bottom of the unit. Do not use boiling water as it may cause burns.
・If it is difficult to remove the ice, please twist the main unit slightly.
・If you hit or drop the product while it is frozen, it may break or crack, so please handle with care.
・ Do not use items that are chipped, cracked, or heavily soiled that cannot be removed by washing.
・Do not place near fire.
・When using a dishwasher (dishwasher) or dish dryer, please follow the instruction manual.
・Please wash after purchase before use.

Main materials:
Body: Polypropylene
Lid: polyethylene

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