Earth Japan Rakuhapi Bubble Boon Toilet Bowl Toilet Cleaning (180g)

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●With this one bag, you can wash everything here, everything, and without scrubbing! Cleaning the toilet becomes easier.
(1) No scrubbing required *If the dirt is heavy, we recommend using it repeatedly. Depending on the degree of dirt, it may not come off.
(2) Cleanly removes black and pink stains.
(3) Cleans to the depths that the brush cannot reach and sterilizes 99% *Does not sterilize all bacteria.
(4) Prevents odor from the toilet bowl for about 2 weeks *Depends on usage environment.
(5) The more you use it, the better the toilet becomes.
(6) No need to worry about damaging the toilet bowl or septic tank.
●One-time use type
●Whole to the edges. De-scrubbing
●One foam cleaning


Use Method:
★Before use
・Be sure to use with good ventilation.
・Turn off the power to the toilet seat with warm water washing.
・While using the product, be careful not to let children or anyone who requires supervision near it.
・Do not use it close to your face. Be careful not to let the flying powder get into your eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
(1) Raise the toilet seat.
(2) Pour one bag into the puddle of the toilet bowl. (Pour from a low position to prevent powder from flying up. If powder gets on the toilet seat, wipe it off immediately.)
(3) Leave it as it is for more than 30 minutes as it will foam and produce a large amount of bubbles. (There is no problem if you leave it overnight, but be sure to ventilate it.)
(4) After use, run water until there are no bubbles. (If bubbles form where the water does not flow, wipe them off.)
・Recommended usage frequency: To keep the toilet bowl clean, we recommend using it approximately once every two weeks. (Depends on the degree of dirt.)

・Estimated usage amount: 1 bag (180g) at a time
・Usable toilet: Western-style flush toilet
・Unusable toilets: Japanese-style flush toilets, simple Western-style flush toilets, simple Japanese-style flush toilets

*Please keep the product label so that you can read it if necessary.
・Do not use for any other purpose.
・Always use it alone. If mixed with acidic/alkaline products, vinegar, alcohol, etc., harmful gases will be generated and can be dangerous.
・Do not use more than 2 bags at a time.
・Use cooking gloves when using.
・Use immediately after opening, and use up one bag.
・Be careful as it may bleach the color if it gets on clothing. If it gets on your skin, wash it with water immediately.
・Do not use if you are not feeling well.
(first aid:
・If it gets into your eyes, do not rub it, and immediately rinse it with running water for at least 15 minutes, as there is a risk of damaging your eyes. Even if there is no pain or abnormality, be sure to consult an ophthalmologist immediately.
・If swallowed, do not force vomiting; rinse mouth and give water or milk to drink.
・If it comes in contact with your skin, rinse thoroughly with water.
・If your eyes get wet, you cough, or you feel unwell while using the product, stop using it, move away from the area, wash your eyes, gargle, etc.
・In either case, if you have any abnormalities, bring this product with you and consult your doctor.
* Dangerous to mix Chlorine-based * If used (mixed) with acidic or alkaline type products, harmful chlorine gas will be emitted and it is dangerous. If it gets in your eyes, immediately rinse with water. Avoid touching children's hands. Be sure to use with good ventilation.

Main materials:Chlorinated isocyanurate, blowing agent (carbonate, organic acid), surfactant (sodium alkyl sulfate)

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