Earth Japan Pharmaceutical Rakuhapi Kurukuru Bubbleoon Entire Bath Bath Detergent 360ml

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●Easy to use without scrubbing the bathtub (bath pot). You can wash it all at once! Cleaning the bathroom becomes easier. This is a bath detergent that comes out in the form of bubbles.
●A bathroom detergent that uses a spinning nozzle to spread bubbles evenly and at once, and removes dirt without scrubbing.
●Ultra-wide spray on large surfaces such as bathroom walls and floors.
● Great for everyday cleaning as well as major cleaning.
●360 degree rotating nozzle
●Rotating & spreading cleaning
●Refreshing soap scent
●No chlorine used


Use Method:
[Applications] Bathtubs, bathroom floors, walls, basins, mirrors, bath chairs, etc., drains
【how to use】
*Shake the can well before use.
● Lift up the stopper and break it off when starting to use it.
(1) Wet the walls and bathtub in advance.
(2) Spray.
●For wide surfaces (walls and floors): Ultra wide jet
Since it is a powerful spray type, spray from a distance of at least 30 cm.
●Do not spray above eyes.
●Be careful not to get liquid or droplets in your eyes.
[Estimated usage amount]
Sprays approximately 1 second per square meter
●For bathtubs: Attach the spinning nozzle
Spray from the bottom near the center of the bathtub upwards while moving the can.
●Be careful not to spray beyond the top of the bathtub.
●If the nozzle does not rotate, remove the nozzle from the can, rinse it with water, and then reinstall it.
[Estimated usage amount]
Sprays for approximately 3 seconds per time in a standard bathtub (varies depending on the size and shape of the bathtub)
(3) After 30 seconds, rinse with water.
●If the dirt is difficult to remove, apply it again thoroughly. If it still doesn't come off, rub it lightly.
●After use, remove the nozzle from the can, rinse off any foam that has adhered to it, and then store it.
[Things that cannot be used]
Stone materials such as marble, wood products, lighting, ventilation fans/bathroom dryers, acrylic and brass products

Precautions for use
●Do not use for any other purpose.
●Use with ventilation.
●If there is a starter fire such as a bathtub in the bathroom, be sure to extinguish it before use, as there is a risk of ignition.
●Do not use while bathing.
●Do not point the nozzle at your face.
●If you have rough skin, use cooking gloves.
●Do not use more than one bottle at a time.
●Do not spray upside down.
●Test in an inconspicuous area as there is a risk of discoloration. Do not leave it for more than 10 minutes after spraying.
●Wash your hands thoroughly after use.
【first aid】
●If it gets on your skin or in your eyes, immediately rinse thoroughly with water.
●If swallowed, take measures such as rinsing the mouth and drinking water without vomiting.
●If you feel unwell, discontinue use.
●If you have any abnormalities, bring this product with you and consult your doctor.
Precautions for storage and handling
●Avoid high temperatures, direct sunlight, and fire, and store out of reach of children and third parties who require supervision.
●Do not place the can in a bathroom or other place as it may rust, become dirty, or explode if placed near water or in a humid place.
[Be careful of fire and high temperatures] High pressure gas: LP gas

Main materials:Surfactant [4% higher alcohol type (nonionic)], solvent, fragrance

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