Earth Japan Deodorizes and sanitizes Pets' Toilet Area 200ml for Cats and Dogs

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Proper deodorization and sterilization of places where plant extracts have urine (marking) and poop. Ingredients with a refreshing fragrance prevent repeated misuzu.

Pruduct Usage:
Cloth products such as walls, doors, pillars, carpets, flooring, tatami MATS, car fabric sheets and MATS, cushions, sofas, etc.

Use Method:
Keep 10 ~ 20cm away from the object and spray it to make the surface moist. (do not spray in one place as it may cause stains.)
In the case of serious dirt or waste treatment, please remove dirt in advance before using.
The effect lasts for 3 to 4 hours. By repeated use, deodorizing and deodorizing effects will be improved. (it is also important to teach dogs and cats to learn by scold them immediately after they do so.)
Depending on the age, physical condition, nature, breeding environment and past experience of dogs and cats, it is difficult to show the avoidance effect.
One bottle can spray about 850 times.
Please put the stopper in its original position after use.

※ this agent cannot be eaten.
Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
Do not use on people or pets.
Please do not touch food, fish, plants or electrical appliances.
Should it get in the eyes of a person or pet by mistake, immediately rinse well with water.
Please stop using this product and consult a doctor or veterinarian.
※ when spraying on water-sensitive fibers such as silk, rayon, acetate, and cupra, items with signs that cannot be washed with water, items that have been specially processed such as waterproofing, and items that are concerned about stains, try in an inconspicuous area in advance, and shadow Please make sure there is no sound before use.
Do not use on leather, fur, Japanese clothing, beads, embroidery, paper products, plain wood flooring, walls, furniture, lacquer ware, copper, brass products, etc.
When using in a small space, please use while ventilating.
Keep out of reach of young children.
Do not leave in direct sunlight or places with high temperatures.

Plant extract ingredients urinate (mark) and poop places well deodorize and sterilize!
Fresh fragrance of the discipline ingredients to prevent the repeated occurrence!

Materials:Water, ethanol, plant extracts, spices.

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