Earth Japan Anti-Cobweb Spray 450mL Insecticidal & Repellent Effect For Outdoor Use

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Silicone coat prevents spiders from forming webs for about three months *, while direct spraying has the dual effect of eliminating spiders. (* varies depending on usage environment and weather conditions.)

Use Method:
At the start of use, lift the top stopper up and bend back until you hear a crash.
If you want to get rid of the spider, you need to get rid of the spider.
Spider eggs are sprayed to the extent that they get wet.
Spray it to the place where you don't want the spider to put the web, until the surface gets wet enough.
If there is a spider web, spray it until the surface is wet enough to remove the spider web.
If there is a spider in the web, spray it until the surface is wet enough to remove the spider web.
Because this product is powerful injection, it is all injected in about 50 seconds.

(1) precautions when using
Before use, be sure to read and fully understand the product indications.
Observe the prescribed usage method. If used incorrectly, it may be ineffective or harmful to health.
Do not use in places where there are allergic symptoms, rash, asthma symptoms, sick people, pregnant women, infants, etc.
Avoid touching skin, food, tableware, children's toys, pets such as fish and birds, animal feed, and ornamental plants.
When it is used on walls, walls, etc., it may cause discoloration and stains.

(2) attention during or after use
Do not spray towards the body. Also, do not breathe in the jet gas.
Do not smoke or eat or drink while spraying.
If the drug sticks to the skin, wash well with soap. Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately with water.
In the event of a physical abnormality, immediately inform the doctor that this drug is a product containing pyrethroids and receive medical treatment.
Avoid getting chemicals on furniture, fittings, etc.
Don't put it on stone materials such as marble, granite, or painted surfaces such as cars because they may cause discoloration.

(3) precautions in storage
Store in a cool place out of reach of children.
In order to prevent rust of cans, do not put them around water or in a humid place.

(4) disposal method
This article is thrown away after it is used up.
When disposing of the gas, pull the injection lever outdoors in a well-ventilated and fire free environment, pull out the gas until the injection sound is eliminated, and dispose of the gas according to the method determined by each municipality. In this case, if the injection lever is pulled and the toothpick is inserted into the hole on the side of the purple spray cap, the injection lever is locked and the gas is removed until the end. If the spray is not enough, push down the toothpick and spray it until the end.
How to remove the gas.
Insert a toothpick into the hole on the side while pulling the injection lever, and lock the injection lever to remove the gas. Be careful not to get it on your face.

For details on how to dispose of used cans, please contact Earth Japan pharmaceutical co., LTD.
[watch out for fire and high temperature]

Because it is a flammable product using high-pressure gas and is dangerous, please observe the following precautions.

Do not use near fire or fire.
Do not use a lot in a room where fire is used.
As there is a risk of rupture when heated to high temperatures, do not store the product in places where the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, such as in direct sunlight or near stoves, fan heaters, etc.
Don't put it in the fire.
Use it up and throw it away.
High pressure gas: LP gas/DME

No fire

Silicone coat that is resistant to cloudy weather is also effective against rain 3 months (*)
※ it depends on usage environment and weather conditions.

With the effect of the active ingredient plus silicone coat, it avoids spiders and prevents the web from forming.
Spray directly to get rid of spiders quickly. You can get rid of eggs.
Contains water repellent silicone, so it is strong against rain and lasts for a long time.
Because it is a powerful jet jet, it can be sprayed easily even in places where you cannot reach such as under eaves.
We can get high! Maximum 6 meters (*) when there is no wind

Horizontal injection.

Materials:Biffentrine, phthalsulin.

Others:Outdoor exclusive


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