Earth Japan Air Conditioner Cleaning Spray 420mL Unscented

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Simply spray the air conditioner.
Contains green tea polyphenols and sterilizers. Refreshly deodorizing and thoroughly sterilizing.
Prevent the growth of mold on air conditioner fins. (this does not eliminate all bacteria and mold.)
Vertical long wide spray that can be washed to the back of the fin.
Clean air conditioning can make the air environment more comfortable.
The hand is not tired of the wing head.
The air conditioner with automatic cleaning function can also be used. (do not process the sensor part or the wiring part.)
No fragrance

Use Method:
※ please use up one air conditioner per unit.
(1) fold the claws.
(2) turn OFF the power, be sure to pull the plug from the outlet and ventilation.
(3) remove the air filter and expose the fins (heat converter).
(4) repeat and shake the can 5 to 6 times or more. If the swinging method is insufficient, the spray may not become foggy.
(5) spray along the direction of the fins at a distance of 5cm from the fins. (one spray can be sprayed for about 90 to 120 seconds.)
Note: be careful not to spray liquid on the electrical components.
Do not spray upside down.
(6) leave for about 10 minutes.
(7) the washing water comes out of the drain pipe.

[warning] ■ be sure to follow the dosage. The electrical components of the air conditioner (sensors, electronic substrates, switches, motors, etc.) must not be sprayed by liquid. If used incorrectly, it may cause failure of electrical components. Do not use it on the human body. People who are prone to allergies and rash should not touch or inhale drugs. Please note. * depending on the degree of dirt and the structure of the water pipe, the cleaning liquid may be dripped from the front, so use with towels or old newspaper etc laid down. If used near a gas alarm, the alarm may malfunction. ※ due to the internal structure of the air conditioner and the dry state, it may not drain, but it is not abnormal, it will drain together with normal air conditioner drain. ※ this product can only be used for air conditioners with drainage pipes. [cannot be used air conditioning] embedded type the ceiling, hanging type, floor of a teakettle type, installation window type, cover open, カーエアコン * air conditioning vent, クロスフローファン cannot be used. [usage precautions] : do not leave in the hands of children. Do not use it for anything other than purpose. If it gets into the mouth or eyes, give emergency treatment and see a doctor. In case of swallowing, spit it out and see a doctor immediately. If it gets into the eyes by mistake, rinse well with clear water. If it sticks to the face and skin, rinse well with soap. If there is any abnormality, see a doctor. If you feel unwell during use, stop using it immediately and rest in a well-ventilated place. If you are not feeling well, see a doctor. [storage and handling precautions] * avoid direct sunlight and fire. Store in a cool place out of reach of children. If you put it around the water or in a humid place, there is a risk of rust and rupture.

Materials:Surfactant :0.0675% high-grade alkylamine system (non-ion), stabilizer (ethyl alcohol), disinfectant, deodorant, fungicide

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