Glico Japan DONBURITEI Oyakodon 3-food bowl (180g*3 bags)

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Categories: Foods Foodstuff
Tags: Glico
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Description:The texture of the material is good, the texture is simple and the texture is simple, and the texture is simple;

Capacity:180g*3 bags;

Use Method:
★When warming with hot water
Place the inner bag into boiling water without breaking the seal and boil for 3 to 5 minutes.

★When heating in the microwave
・Be sure to transfer to a deep container, cover with plastic wrap, and heat;
・Please refer to the microwave instruction manual for the container, heating time, etc.
500W/approx. 1 minute 50 seconds, 600W/approx. 1 minute 20 seconds
*Do not microwave the inner bag (pouch);

Caution:This product is a retort pouch food that is sealed in an airtight container and sterilized by heat and pressure without using preservatives. Can be stored for a long time at room temperature;
・This product production line produces products that contain milk ingredients and shrimp;
・When opening the package, the hot ingredients and bean paste may splash, so please be careful not to get burned;
In particular, avoid excessive heating in the microwave as this may cause the contents to splatter (bumping) during or after heating.
・If it is difficult to open, please use scissors to open it;
・After opening the inner bag, please use it once;

Main materials:Eggs, seasoned chicken (chicken, cornstarch, salt), onion, sugar, soy sauce, bonito extract, starch syrup, kelp extract, chicken bouillon, fermented seasoning, chicken extract/thickener (modified starch, xanthan), seasoning ( amino acids, etc.), phosphates (Na), antioxidants (V.C), carotenoid pigments, (some of which contain eggs, wheat, soybeans, and chicken).

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